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e-Learning & Career Help

Whether you are in grade-school, undergrad, grad school or in corporate America, we want to be your backup plan.  Our own IV-Learning Approach is is second to none. We also specialize in career development, resume/CV enhancement tutoring, outlines, question banks and exam prep services including  customized assistance for board and licensure examinations. If you lack time yet want to succeed the first time around, we have instructional designers to help secure your success. Zoom or Screen-sharing is allowed.


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Pet Care

Let us admit this together - Your PETS are not just pets. They are also loved ones. In fact, many can't even imagine being fully happy without their pets. Your PET is your BABY. However, you can't always travel with them, even when you'd like. For such moments, we vet incomparable pet pros as substitutes. By the way, we also provide customized transportation services.

Adult Care

The reality is that life is a circle. And as we advance in age, we find ourselves needing assistance with tasks or activities that we used to perform effortlessly. Nursing homes and assisted living communities are costly and dreadful alternatives. For that reason, we provide the most cost-effective direct and agency-linked health care professionals and companions. They are the best loved-ones substitutes. By the way, we also provide customized transportation services via our unique partnership with

 Housing & Landscaping

Your HOME is your REFUGE. Thus, the more appealing it comes, the happier you become. Sometimes, you may need to IMPROVE on certain things, add SOFTWARE or HARWARE or ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE; or you might even want to REMODEL or ADD something new or even MODIFY it or BUILD a NEW HOME.  From designing and implementing your desired technologies, landscaping , decks, porches and patios; to remodeling your bathroom, kitchen, basement and garage, or even handling a complete construction or development, we are experts at vetting the right Housing and Landscaping gurus to get the job done the first time around.  With us on your side, there will never be a need for you to waste your valuable time again. We also provide CLEANING and MAID , Handyman, Small Appliances Installation, Customized Transportation , Moving, and Pest Control Services. By the way, we also provide customized transportation services.

Child Care

Your child or baby is your most precious asset and requires nothing short of THE BEST CARE from expertly-selected caregivers. With decades of experience in matching families with baby sitters, nannies, health care pros, and child activity and behavior specialists all at the comfort of your home, we provide you with just that! No matter how small or large your family is, we are prepared to help. By the way, we also provide customized transportation services via our unique partnership with

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